Violins, Violas & Cellos

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The violin is beautiful instrument with a rich tone. Out of all instruments, the violin is one of the closest to the human voice in terms of richness. They are very versatile and can be found in almost every style of music. The violin is a fret-less instrument, which means the intonation of the notes is dependent on the musician. Even children as young as 3 can learn to play as long as they can take directions. We have very reasonably priced beginner violins as well as a collection of antiques.

We also have instruments available to rent.

White Rose Collection

Our unique collection of White Rose Violins can only be purchased at our store. It is a tribute to our community and the history behind the City of York.

If you would like more information on the War of the Roses, click here.

Each of our White Rose Violins has the white rose label on the inside.

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Teachers available for these instruments are: Joe Hardin, Tammy West, and Jill Pierce.

For more information on our violins and violas or to sign up for lessons, give us a call at (803) 620-2472 or leave us a message.

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