Blues Brothers Step Aside for the Blues Babies

Normally, these posts are about my father and his exploration of the music world, but as a family, we are all in love with the magic of music.

So, I would like to take a moment to introduce you to my sister, Jessica Brakefield. We have been posting a lot lately about our brand new and exciting class, the Blues Babies, which will be under her direction. She has several years experience in education, and with two little ones of her own, she is more than qualified.

She is so excited to fill this gap for us. Although our philosophy is all people should have access to music education, our one on one lessons are really only beneficial to children 5 and up typically.

So, being the brilliant mind she is, she had the phenomenal idea to have a hands on, wiggle ready, group class that keeps the kids interested while allowing them the freedom to be kids!

The children will be combining crafts, songs, dance, poetry, and plenty of hands on shakes, rattles, and rolls.

The class meets one time a week (4 times a month) and is available for kids as young as two.

I know these kids are going to be in loving hands, as my sister just has a way with these future musicians and it will be such an easy transition to one on one classes when the kids are older. They will be able to know many of the basics of music like rhythm, tempo, pitch and so much more.

We hope you will consider adding your little guys and gals to our Downtown Music family. We can’t wait to explore with them!

For more information on this class, check out our Facebook page or call our store!

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