Exciting Announcement!

Mark and Maggie O’Connor are coming to Downtown Music!



Mark O’Connor’s talent is legendary. He has won three Grammy’s and was CMA “Musician of the Year” for 6 consecutive years.

We are lucky enough to have not one, but two O’Connors doing demonstrations at Downtown Music during SummerFest, as his wife Maggie joins him!

You may remember we were able to attend their performance at the McCelvey Center back in March. The crowd gave several standing ovations to the Mark O’Connor Band that were well deserved. (Those Grammy’s didn’t win themselves after all!) This couple never seems to take a break between their musical performances with the band, writing lesson books using the O’Connor Method, serving charity, and having Charlotte as the home for their 2018 String Camps.

Join us at Downtown Music Aug. 25 @ 12PM!

Also, during SummerFest, we will have packaged ice cream treats available for sale, and as always free mini lessons for anyone interested in making music! If you haven’t already, now is a great time to check out our new location and teaching rooms!

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