Night at the McCelvey with the Mark O’Conner Band

We were fortunate enough to spend our Saturday night listening to the musical genius of the Mark O’Conner Band. Each member is talented and successful in their own rights and together form a spectacular show.

We were glad to see so many of our students were able to attend. It’s amazing to share an instrument with any one of those performers, though perhaps we all feel we may need a bit more practice!

Our thanks goes out to the McCelvey Center with their efforts to lock in such high quality performances. We look forward to more shows in the future.

We also encourage people who may be interested to check out the O’Conner string school in Charlotte. You might recognize the name if nothing else by many of the teaching books used in our very own store!

After the show we even had the opportunity to meet with the performers and get a few autographs and a photo. Genuine people and he even said he would like to come by and see our store! How amazing would that be. You just never know who may walk in the doors in our little York music shop–Elvis to Mark!

If you weren’t able to make the show and cheer along with us in FOUR standing ovations, you can still purchase their Live CD recorded in 2016 with the same set list as last night (though without the double encore). You may think it’s just bluegrass music, but truly it is music for any fan of talent.

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