Downtown Music takes a field trip

At Downtown Music, we are always striving to better ourselves and to provide the most accurate and up to date knowledge that we can. Sometimes this means we even get to go on field trips.

Joe Hardin with Gregg Lange


We were lucky enough to steal away most of a Saturday with the owner of Palmetto Strings in Columbia, SC. Gregg Lange is a behind the scenes man who kept us laughing with his bigger than life persona and endless stories.

When over a phone conversation he mentioned he worked as an appraiser for the Antique’s Roadshow, we couldn’t help ourselves. He graciously took the time to appraise not one or two, but twelve of our violins. (I’m sad to report no hidden $100,000 gems.)

We enjoyed a backstage pass of sorts to his shop where he gave so much information in a short amount of time that we wonder how he holds it all up there in his head! He told us of his times brushing elbows with some music legends and his time working under violin experts.

Then we got to enjoy a truly special treat! We were taken into what Gregg calls the “Blue room” which is essentially his showroom of high quality—and high priced instruments. Joe was able to play a $350,000 violin. In case you missed that, that was $350,000. If you’d like to see the video, check out our Facebook page!


Joe also played some of the violins Gregg made himself. He puts upwards of 400 hours for each violin and his time and dedication show.

Along with these high end violins, Gregg’s store also does instrument rentals, repairs and restorations.

Gregg Lange’s apprentice working hard in the shop.

We highly recommend that anyone needed their bow restrung or are interested in purchasing a high end violin give Gregg a call. You can visit his website here at


We are always interested in exploring the local music community. If you have a place you’d like us to check out, let us know.

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