How to vote for Most Entertaining at the Music Crawl

We have some really awesome things happening at Downtown Music!

We are so excited about the

Music Crawl on Sat, Sept. 30th from 12PM-2PM.

We had so much fun last time, and we hope to share the event with all of you this time!

Many of our students will be lining Congress St in Downtown York to share some of the music they’ve been working hard on! You can come down and stroll through the different music and while you’re there, be sure to check out some of the shops that York has to offer.

To reward the efforts of all our participants, we are even doing a competition!

But, we need your help.


On the day of the Music Crawl, come see all of our acts in person, or watch the videos as we post them to Facebook.

Then, vote by “liking” the video of the act you found Most Entertaining.

(You can vote more than once!)

There will be prizes for the top four musicians with the most votes!

1st Place: JG-650 Guitar

2nd Place: Metronome

3rd Place: Tuner

4th Place: Music Stand

Voting will end midnight on Sunday, Oct. 1st. So be sure to get in your votes on time!

Good luck to all our participants!


If you have any questions about the Music Crawl, let us know!

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