Music Crawl

Despite the rain we had a great turn out for our first ever Music Crawl!

So many thanks to our neighboring businesses in historic downtown York for letting us flood your sidewalks and for Mike at the thrift store for allowing our violinists to play inside!

Left to right: Linda Algire, Mike, Eddie Lee, Linda Hines, and Charlene Pittman

We would also like to thank Eddie Lee, our mayor for not just coming by, but letting our roaming reporter, Laine Ferris, interview him! You can see the interview on our Facebook page along with a few others and a whole lot of music.

We had music for every taste. Songs ranged from boiling cabbage down to Ironman. Simply walking down the street gave a great taste of the different talents Downtown Music has to offer. We hope to keep our students active in our community mostly because it is never a bad time for music, and also because we care about our students and our town. 

Lacy Emma Gibson

We can not express how proud and thankful we are to all of our students who were able to attend and brave the rain. They really put on a heck of a show and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!

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