Responses for Joe

This last Christmas, Joe Hardin decided to contact some of his past students over his many years of teaching. He just wanted to wish them Happy Holidays and check in to see where they ended up. He didn’t know if anyone would really remember some guy who taught them music, but his responses came back in a landslide.

Some of the people have moved to other countries or spread all throughout America. Some of them have kept playing over the years, and some have let their instruments get a little dusty. But they all had stories to share of how Joe has affected their life, and the joy they felt taking lessons with him. There were many touching thoughts sent to him, and he couldn’t believe how kindly everyone was speaking of him.

The thing is, taking music lessons isn’t just about learning notes (although, to be fair it is a big part!) it’s about having fun. Music can help develop young minds–making kids perform better at school, or keep older minds young–fighting off memory loss. But it can also be an emotional healer. When you take lessons at Downtown Music, our goals are to help build confidence and teach the joy of music along with the technical skills involved. That’s why  you catch so many of our students hanging around “jamming” in the store!

When you leave a lesson, I hope you leave with a smile on your face and excited to come back again the next week. I know we sure look forward to it. To this day, my father (Joe) can not believe that he gets to call what he does work. Most people would flinch at the number of hours he “clocks” a week, but he never really works. I have spent my life watching the child-like excitement as he talks about the student who finally got “it,” or the times when he seemed to pick the perfect song for someone to learn.

It’s wonderful to know that his kind of passion for making music accessible exists. And it is wonderful as his daughter to see the number of people that he has inspired over the years.

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