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Quilts of Valor

I hope you will indulge me this evening to write about something that has nothing to do with music. Today Dennis Hardin was honored with a Quilt of Valor at the Broad River Baptist Church in Smyrna. He is an important man in our family. He has remained a constant beam of support and spring of encouragement throughout my whole life. He is my uncle, but to my father (Joe Hardin) he is more than a brother in so many ways as I am reminded often.


If it weren’t for him, Downtown Music would not exist as it does today, nor would my father be the man he is. We owe him so much gratitude personally and in a grand scale for the sacrifices he made as a US Marine. Knowing that great men like him have defended and are defending our country allows me to sleep easy at night. I hope you will each take a moment to pray for him and join us in honoring a hero that walks among us.


uncle d

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Year Wrap Up

Another year is coming to an end and what a year it has been!

We sure managed to pack a lot of excitement into the last 365 days. We have met amazing people and played tons of music.

We spent a large part of the year adjusting to our new home and slowly fixing it up and arranging things to provide the best service we can. I am sure it will change 1000 more times as we continue stocking new things and starting new adventures. We are so appreciative to everyone who has helped make the move a success and we hope our students and teachers are enjoying the larger rooms and easy parking.

Anyone who has spoken with Joe knows how exciting this year was for him. He had the opportunity to meet not one, but two of his musical idols. Mark O’Connor and the Briarhoppers.

Mr. O’Connor has been incredibly gracious with his time. Joe first met him at the amazing performance of the Mark O’Connor band at the McCelvey Center where the multi Grammy and CMA winner received several standing ovations. To our surprise, he and his incredibly talented wife, Maggie, agreed to come to the music store for Summerfest and do demonstrations for the crowd. And, if that wasn’t amazing enough, Mark and Maggie came back to do a two day teaching course! If you feel like you missed out on the opportunity to learn from one of the masters of violin, you have another opportunity as he will return in 2019 for another course. He will also be playing a show at the Sylvia theater in January.

The Briarhoppers were another special treat as they were an important inspiration to Joe’s music career. The moment was highlighted when Joe was allowed to play a song with the band and fulfill a childhood dream. We encourage everyone to take an opportunity to see the long standing string band perform.

We were also able to host Penny and Sparrow in a VIP performance before their show at the Sylvia. It was a wonderful treat and once again, Joe was able to join in!

They say those who can’t do, teach, but Joe is proving them wrong as he holds his own on the stage. Lucky for us, his passion is in giving the gift of music to others rather than performing (though sometimes he can’t help but join in the fun!)

We participated in several events to support our community as well. We had our Music Crawls which have started drawing quite a crowd! We participated in the Libraries Rock initiative to encourage literacy. We did career day at a local school. We provided entertainment before the outdoor movies this summer. We also participated in the holiday festivities including small business Saturday, the tree lighting ceremony and the Tour of Homes. I would also like to thank especially Ann Bailes, one of our piano teachers, for all her hard work decorating for the holidays (on top of everything else she does for us!) We enjoy getting to be an active part of our town and if you know of any event that would like our students to show off what they have learned please let us know!

We have been so lucky to keep doing something we are so passionate about and it is only thanks to all your support.

We have lots of plans for the coming year and hope you will stay with us as we challenge ourselves to be more than just a business, but a family.

Follow us to keep up to date with the projects we will be starting.

From our ever growing music family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Briarhoppers Performance

For those of you who are familiar with old string band bluegrass music, the Briarhoppers need no introduction. The band was first established in the early 1930s and performed as the house band for Charlotte’s radio station along side greats such as Earl Scruggs. It is possibly the longest running string band over its 80+ years, and its ever sustaining legacy has impacted the lives of countless musicians. The radio station was able to broadcast across the country and enter the homes of music lovers everywhere. One of these listeners happened to be my father.

For all of his life, the Briarhoppers have existed and nourished the parts of his life that prospered only with an instrument in hand. Had it not been for bands like this one, it is hard to tell how many people would have never taken interest in one of the greatest Appalachian contributions, bluegrass. All I know is my father found a kinship through a radio set to a band that would never know his ears were listening.

Until now.


My father, Joe Hardin, was honored to play on stage with this great echo from his youth that still encourages the love of bluegrass music to this day. They press on with their mission to place quality and skilled music in the lives of as many people as they can–much as my father does with Downtown Music every day.


His excitement is contagious, and if you take the time to ask him he will go into as much detail as you can stomach about what the Briarhoppers mean to him. As for me, I just wanted to give thanks (’tis the season after all!) to these people who have a special way of placing real joy in people’s lives–especially my dad’s.


—Amy Jourdan



Exciting Announcement!

Mark and Maggie O’Connor are coming to Downtown Music!



Mark O’Connor’s talent is legendary. He has won three Grammy’s and was CMA “Musician of the Year” for 6 consecutive years.

We are lucky enough to have not one, but two O’Connors doing demonstrations at Downtown Music during SummerFest, as his wife Maggie joins him!

You may remember we were able to attend their performance at the McCelvey Center back in March. The crowd gave several standing ovations to the Mark O’Connor Band that were well deserved. (Those Grammy’s didn’t win themselves after all!) This couple never seems to take a break between their musical performances with the band, writing lesson books using the O’Connor Method, serving charity, and having Charlotte as the home for their 2018 String Camps.

Join us at Downtown Music Aug. 25 @ 12PM!

Also, during SummerFest, we will have packaged ice cream treats available for sale, and as always free mini lessons for anyone interested in making music! If you haven’t already, now is a great time to check out our new location and teaching rooms!

Now Teaching New Instruments!

The move to the new location has come with lots of great changes, and we are happy to announce yet another!

We now offer lessons for:

Flute, Sax and Clarinet!

Lessons with these instruments will be with Amanda Bernard.

If you are interested, give us a call so we can tell you how to sign up for a FREE mini lesson!


Important Lesson Announcement

We are so thrilled to (finally) announce starting Monday, June 25th, all lessons will take place at the new location: 71 N. Congress St.!

We hope you all love the new rooms.

If you have any questions, send us a message or give us a call.

Thank you all, again, for your patience throughout this process.